This hub is for the descendants and extended family of Alfred George (born Lawrence Augustine) Hodges, (1888-1969) and Jessie Roberta Shanks (1896-1990), of Dunedin, New Zealand.

Click here to see Alfred Hodges’ ancestors on a family tree diagram. Alfred migrated to New Zealand in 1910. Alfred’s father was Henry George Hodges (1842-1916) and his mother was Alice Mary Wynne (1855-1907). Both of Alfred’s parents lived in London, England for most of their lives, although Alice was born in (what is now) Pakistan.

Click here to see Jessie Shanks’ ancestors on a family tree diagram. Jessie’s mother was Jessie Whetton, who was born in England and migrated to New Zealand in 1875. Her father was Robert Johnston Morrow Shanks who was born in Northern Ireland and migrated to New Zealand in 1877.

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The funeral of Elsie Roberta Hodges (1924-2022) was held on 11 July 2022 at the Wesley Roskill Methodist Church, Auckland, NZ. Read Elsie’s obituary and funeral service programme, and watch a slide show with memories of her life.

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Alice Mary Wynne (1855-1907) – was the mother of Lawrence Augustine Hodges, known in NZ as Alfred George Hodges. Read about her life and family, from Karachi in British India (now Pakistan) to Salisbury, Bath and London in England.

Church at Mount Peel Station 1873 watercolour

Binning Benjamin Whetton (1846–1924) – Binning Whetton was the grandfather of Jessie Shanks.  Read about his life and family, from Birmingham, England to Whanganui NZ.

Back of 354 Palmetto Street, West Palm Beach with label

Who was Dorothy Miles? – Find out how Dorothy Miles was related to the Dunedin Hodges family; and what happened to her?


Mary Morrison (nee MacCallum) and Jessie Howlett (nee Haig) at Agnes Harold wedding 1954

Photos from Harold and Agnes Hodges’ 1954 wedding reception – View more than 60 photos of the Hodges, Shanks, Haig and MacCallum family members and friends who attended this event.


New April Tabernacle

Jessie Roberta Hodges (nee Shanks): The Early Years – Jessie talks about growing up in Dunedin, her first job at the Kapai photo studio, and meeting her future husband, Alfred.


Dora’s Ninetieth – The Speeches – On the last Sunday of December, 2012, a family party was held at the Harding’s farm to celebrate Dora David’s (nee Hodges) ninetieth birthday. Click here to see some of the amusing birthday speeches given by family members in honour of Dora.

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Shanks at Mount Peel – Jessie Roberta Hodges (nee Shanks) was born at Mount Peel Station on 14 September 1896.  The station is located 30kms north of the inland South Canterbury town of Geraldine. Click here to see photos of Mount Peel Station and nearby Peel Forest, taken in September 2016.  These help to show the character of the environment where Jessie spent the first few days of her life and where her birth parents, Robert Shanks and Jessie Whetton, lived and worked.

Elsie in pigtails

Elsie Blythe (nee Hodges) – Early Memories – Elsie talks about growing up in Dunedin, her childhood interests, schooling and work, and why she eventually moved to Wellington. Click here to read more.

POTW 8 February 2016

Photo of the Week – an occasional family photo identification game.

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40 Photos of the Week – a selection of previous Photo of the Week images.

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Mid-twentieth century Dunedin – Courtesy of the Dunedin City Council, view photos of the city and suburbs taken in the 1960s and 70s.

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