This hub is for the descendants and extended family of Frederick “Fred” Haig (1895-1948) and Catherine “Kitty” MacCallum (1893-1959), of Dunedin, New Zealand.

Click here to see Fred Haig’s ancestors on a family tree diagram. Fred was born in Whanganui, New Zealand. His father was James Haig (1857-1908) from Glasgow, Scotland. His mother was Jane “Jeannie” Kerr (1863-1931) from (London)Derry and Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Click here to see Kitty MacCallum’s ancestors on a family tree diagram. Kitty migrated to New Zealand from Campbeltown, Scotland with her family in 1906. Her father was John McCallum (1854-1937) and her mother was Agnes Hall (1855-1918).

Haig brothers and World War I – two books

Haig brothers and World War I – two booklets

Photo of Lance Corporal David Kerr Haig in Egypt, 1915

David Haig, photo taken by Gordon Catto, Zeitoun Camp, Egypt, 1915,
courtesy of the National Army Museum of New Zealand

In March 2022, we found this additional photo of David Kerr Haig on the National Army Museum of New Zealand’s website here: https://nam.recollect.co.nz/nodes/view/2874

It was in the full copy of a photo album belonging to his Dunedin signaller friend Gordon Catto.

We used several more of Gordon Catto’s photos in our previous book and booklet about David Kerr Haig (see above).

Click here for our slightly enhanced / edited version of this photo.

Photos from the wedding reception for Harold and Agnes Hodges (nee Haig), 6 November 1954.

Mary Morrison (nee MacCallum) and Jessie Howlett (nee Haig) at Agnes Harold wedding 1954

Photos from Harold and Agnes’s 1954 wedding reception

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